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By Lauren Forrest, RD
Bestselling nutritional author and speaker.

Fact checked by Dianna Thompson.

When a woman first becomes aware of a pregnancy (or when she is planning to become pregnant), nutrition comes to mind as quite possibly the most important factor to consider.

When pregnant, the body has a unique set of nutritional needs. While many women have cravings for various types of foods, simply “following your cravings” is not enough. In fact, based on my own experience, it can lead to trouble to just start eating all of the foods that sound good at the moment without taking adequate nutrition into account.

Providing yourself and your baby with great nutrition through food, natural and organic vitamins and other supplements can not only help you along with a healthy pregnancy, it can also provide you with much greater peace of mind.

Knowing the answer to the question, “Which are the best natural and organic prenatal vitamins?” is indeed a priority, but knowing what those vitamins should contain is even more important — and based on your own unique needs, the answer to the question will be different for different people.

Top 10 Natural and Organic Prenatal Vitamins

Now that the key vitamin basics are covered, we are ready to dive into the top 10 list of the best prenatal vitamins…

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins

Product Attributes

• Contains 4 of the 5 key vitamins and supplements recommended (you will need to take an additional DHA supplement)
• Reduces or eliminates nausea
• Contains clean, whole food ingredients
• Non-GMO
• Vegetarian friendly, Kosher, gluten-free
• Contains probiotics for immune support

Product Overview

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin is the most recommended and most highly rated multivitamin for both pre-pregnancy and pregnancy. It contains a majority of the vitamins and supplements that are recommended for healthy fetal development. (You will probably need an additional DHA supplement.)
I love that the ingredients are whole-food based, with no artificial/synthetic fillers. I also love the fact that while it contains some iron, it is known to not cause or worsen nausea.

The New Chapter Vitamin company is impressive in a number of ways – it is committed to only providing organic, wholesome ingredients, and they put a great deal of thought into not only the basics, but their other ingredients as well (example – organic kale and broccoli).

My take on this vitamin supplement – I see this product as being aptly named (“Perfect…”). It is the only natural and organic supplement that I was able to find that actually contains almost all of the key nutrients recommended in a whole food, easily assimilated form. And, even though DHA is not an ingredient, they make up for this with their “Wholemega for Moms” supplement.

It is no accident that this is considered the best among all natural and organic prenatal vitamins – it is definitely worthy of its title.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vitamin

Product Attributes

• Comprised from nutritious, whole foods, harvested from their RAW state for higher doses of essential vitamins
• Includes probiotics as well as Ginger for stomach ease, Zinc for digestive health, and Vitamin D for cellular rejuvenation
• Perfect for after baby is born to help with lactation
• Contains high doses of heart-healthy Iron and Folate for healthy brain and tissue developments
• Blends the nutrients of over 23 whole fruits and vegetables

Product Overview

When ladies want to become pregnant, it’s important to prepare your bodies for the long haul of every trimester. Of course, you should do your research into each trimester and the individual nutrition needs. It’s important to be prepped for whatever comes your way, but you can also simply rest assured that Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vitamins are nutrient-rich and perfect for moms-to-be in every stage.

Benefits-wise, these vitamins are blended from a mash-up of whole, raw, organic fruits and vegetables—23, to be exact. Those fruits and veggies are picked at peak seasons, garnering you the ultimate in nourishing vitamin to help support the growth of your little one. These vitamins also help support YOUR health too, as moms-to-be have the important role of being the protector of their cutie-to-be. Ergo, it’s important that you get plenty of Folate and Omega 3s, carefully measured doses of Iron and Fiber, and a tinge of Ginger to help ease your first trimester nausea.

Take 3 capsules per day, with or without a meal. If you have problems swallowing pills, the capsules can be opened and you can mix the contents in with your favorite fruit drink or water.

Rainbow Light Prenatal One Food-Based Multivitamin

Product Attributes

• Eases the discomforts of second trimester constipation and digestive dilemmas
• Contains high doses of Folic Acid for healthy development of brain, nerves, spine, and tissue cells
• Free of soy, dairy, shellfish, yeast, nuts, and gluten: 100-percent pure and potent
• Food-based from over 20 unique fruits and vegetables, each harvested at peak seasons to infuse vitamins with plant-sourced enzymes
• Perfect for vegans and vegetarians
• Ideal for an extra hit of vitamins while lactating and/or breastfeeding

Product Overview

What would you say is the most important trimester in a pregnancy? The answer is tricky, because honestly, each trimester has its own importance for the health of mom and the growth of baby. Ergo, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take a prenatal vitamin before, throughout, and after pregnancy.


Yep, Rainbow Light Prenatal One Food-Based Multivitamin is PACKED with all the good stuff that your babe would need if you plan on breastfeeding. Plus, the benefits shine through on new moms, as the vitamins restore the luster of your hair, improve the strength of your nails, and help to heal damaged skin cells and tissue.

I would say this prenatal vitamin does everything a mom-to-be would hope it’d do, particularly in the second trimester. Why? Because those symptoms can really start to get to you, especially the nausea, constipation, and general discomfort of having a growing baby on your bladder. However, this vitamin soothes your stomach and eases your discomfort with a healthy dose of Ginger and Lemon.

Personally, I love how every ingredient is food-based, with over 20 unique, delicious, vitamin-rich fruits and veggies harvested at their peaks. Moms and babies get ALL of those nutritious, essential benefits.

Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete Gummy Vitamin

Product Attributes

• In fun, delicious gummy shapes (for those of us that hate pill-form vitamins)
• Contains baby-safe Omega 3 Oils for a heavy dose of tissue-building nutrients: No fishy burps or digestive discomfort afterwards
• Every bottle purchase goes towards helping mothers and babies in less-fortunate countries around the world
• Contains 15 essential vitamins, such as Vitamin D for skin health, Vitamin K for heart and brain health, and Folate for general healthy growth
• Note: This vitamin DOES NOT contain Iron

Product Overview

Gummy vitamins have sprung onto the scene in recent years, and many adults did a happy dance to see that these were just for them. I know I did. I hate taking pills, especially those giant “horse” pills that sometimes pass as prenatal vitamins. However, Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete Gummy Vitamins are soft, squishy, delicious, and SLAMMED with all of the beneficial essentials that a mom-to-be needs for the little one growing in her tum-tum. Plus, the little winking owl on the front is SO cute (had to throw that in there).

Benefits-wise, these prenatal vitamins are a bit unique because, alongside the usual health pluses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Folic Acid, each gummy pack a wallop of Omega 3s. Yes, this is the oils usually found in fish—but Smarty Pants promises that there are zero fishy burps, and you get all of the added health benefits. For you? Stronger nails, lustrous hair, clearer skin, and heart heath. For your baby? Support of tissue, brain, and nervous system growth.

I love how charitable Smarty Pants can be. For every bottle purchased, they donate funds to help mothers and children, worldwide, that would otherwise be without essential nutrients.

Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA

Product Attributes

• Ideal for ALL mothers and moms-to-be, including those trying to conceive, those already pregnant, and those breastfeeding
• Includes 200 mg DHA for support of baby’s tissue, eye, and nerve development
• In soft-gel form for easier swallow and digestion
• Contains a mother’s daily doses of Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
• Take ONE vitamin per day with a meal, preferably at bedtime to perfectly absorb the nutrients while you sleep

Product Overview

Most prenatal vitamins focus on the benefits of a vitamin DURING or AFTER pregnancy, but Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA is one you can take BEFORE you conceive. These vitamins help prepare your body for the possibility of pregnancy, loading your system with the benefits of essentials that you need for your health and the health of your babe-to-be. Essentially, this prenatal is AWESOME for women—period.

Some key elements to point out about this vitamin are the 200 mg DHA, the high dose of Zinc and Folic Acid, and the measured dose of Iron. DHA has been proven to help support a healthy immune system for mom, while promoting the healthy growth and development of a baby’s eyes, skin, and nerves. Zinc and Folic Acid are important for nervous system health and brain growth. Iron is a must for super-healthy blood flow for both moms and their growing cuties.

These vitamins are in soft-gel form, which makes them easier to swallow and digest. No burps, heartburn, or nausea afterwards. Take one vitamin per day, preferably with dinner or a before-bed snack. Taking your prenatal before bed helps your body to better absorb the nutrients while you snooze and replenish.

Garden of Life MyKind Organic Prenatal Once Daily Multivitamin

Product Attributes

• Contains organic, WHOLE foods for optimum nutrition to support baby’s growth and mom’s health
• Includes 18 mg Iron for heart health, 600 mg Folate for brain, spine, and tissue development, and Vitamin B12 and B6 to combat fatigue
• Perfect for women pre-conception, while pregnant, and during lactation
• Combines generous doses of Ginger and Lemon Peel to support mom’s digestive health and ease stomach discomfort
• THE ideal vitamin for vegetarians and vegans

Product Overview

When a product is made with whole, organic ingredients, it becomes very near and dear to my heart. Garden of Life MyKind Organic Prenatal Once Daily Multivitamin is one such product. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, there are well-over a dozen whole fruits and veggies in a single multivitamin. Women can also take this vitamin before they ever get pregnant to prepare their bodies for each trimester, as well as during pregnancy to support baby growth, and after pregnancy to promote lactation.

Stomach upset is the number one most annoying symptom of first and second trimester pregnancies, so this vitamin helps to ease your discomforts with a generous dose of Ginger and Lemon Peel. Also included is 18 mg Iron for a strong heart and undaunted blood flow, 600 mg of Folate for baby’s spine, brain, and tissue growth, and Vitamin B6 and B12 to battle fatigue, irritation, and sluggishness. You just have to remember that you will be, are, or have been growing a human, so a balanced, healthy diet and lots of water can help you absorb and strengthen this vitamin’s benefits.

Fun Fact: Folate is the natural, raw form of Folic Acid; thus, it’s easier to digest than synthetics.

MegaFood Baby & Me Prenatal and Postnatal Vitamin

Product Attributes

• Take four pills daily, spread out at any time, especially in the mornings to combat first trimester morning sickness
• Contains Real Ginger to ease stomach discomforts, such as bloat, gas, and nausea
• Completely all-natural ingredients from WHOLE foods, like Broccoli, Spinach, and Brown Rice
• Includes essential tissue-building, health-nurturing vitamins: i.e. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, and Biotin
• Note: Pills hard to swallow? Grind them up and blend them in your favorite smoothie, yogurt, or creamy beverage

Product Overview

If you’ve been pregnant, or are pregnant now, then you know mood swings are one of the worst symptoms of pregnancy. Those extra hormones are flooding your body, causing you to be weepy, irrational, and sometimes downright mean. Luckily, extreme moodiness and imbalance are two of the symptoms that MegaFood Baby & Me Prenatal and Postnatal Vitamin addresses.

This multivitamin boasts a plethora of 100-percent whole, organic ingredients, and you reap all of those hormone-balanced, mood-stabilized benefits.

I love that there are options for taking these multivitamins. The pills are a little larger than normal, and you are expected to take four pills daily. Not all at once, of course, but spread throughout your day. However, if you HATE swallowing pills, you can grind these up, then throw them in a smoothie, on top of frozen yogurt, or in your favorite creamy, delicious beverage. I personally would toss these in a homemade strawberry milkshake—because yum AND healthy.

Vitamins-wise, Baby & Me prenatals contain well-measured, perfect doses of Vitamin A through E, as well as Folic Acid and Biotin. All of these elements combine to better your health and provide an immune-building base for your baby’s proper development and growth.

Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System Multivitamin

Product Attributes

• Food-based with plant-sourced enzymes that promote tissue growth, support brain development, and improve overall good health
• 1000 micrograms of Folic Acid for healthy overall development of a baby’s brain, spine, and nervous system
• Contains a gentle blend of Ginger and Chamomile to ease pregnancy-related stomach discomfort, such as morning sickness and all-day nausea
• Some of the proceeds of every purchased bottle goes towards helping mothers and babies combat malnutrition worldwide
• Take 2 pills 3 times per day, or 3 pills 2 times per day with full meals or snacks

Product Overview

The Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System Multivitamin is a food-based, plant-sourced must-have for women trying to conceive, already pregnant, or breastfeeding. The natural enzymes and vitamins promote the best of a baby’s development, from big-time importance, like the brain, spine, and nervous system, to other essential growth, like strong hair and fingernails, immune system support, and proper blood flow.

Folic Acid is one of the most beneficial vitamins you can supplement your pregnancy with. This vitamin contains 1000 micrograms, which aids in mom’s overall good health and the positive development of a healthy, active baby. There have been lots of reviewers that say they can feel the difference in how active and strong their babe is after a few weeks of taking this multivitamin. Of course, that’s subjective opinion—so, it’s best to just try them for yourself.

You need to take 6 pills throughout the day. You can spread them out into 2 pills 3 times per day, or perhaps 3 pills 2 times a day with a meal, snack, or full glass of water.

Fun Fact: The proceeds of every purchased bottle goes towards helping mothers and children around the world combat malnutrition with gifted essential prenatal vitamins.

Nature’s Way Prenatal Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral

Product Attributes

• Ideal for both pregnant and breastfeeding moms
• Take 2 capsules 2 times per day, preferably with a meal and a full glass of water for maximum nutrient absorption
• This vitamin contains careful doses of essential vitamins to support mom’s overall health and baby’s development
• Contains trace amounts of Ginger to ease stomach unease, such as heartburn, nausea, and gas
• Includes a heavy hit of Vitamin C to aid in lactation and nutrient-rich milk production

Product Overview

Awesome for either pregnant or breastfeeding moms, Nature’s Way Prenatal Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral is a pure, potent must-have to support mom’s health and baby’s development. Nausea was one of the worst symptoms for my pregnancy, so I loved that this brand adds a soothing dose of Ginger to their formula. It helps ease morning sickness and relax stomach muscles. I also found it helped significantly with eliminating gas and lessening heartburn.

This vitamin also includes heavy doses of baby-safe Vitamin C, which helps with eye and skin development while the babe is in utero. The same vitamin helps moms develop nutrient-rich milk after the baby is born.
Another added benefit of this particular vitamin is the measured dosages.

These vitamins have been totally approved before hitting the marketplaces, and their doses have been measured as absolutely perfect for moms-to-be. Why is this important? Because too many vitamins can be as deadly as too few vitamins. As a new mom, you need carefully measured nutrients to sustain your own health, while ensuring your baby is getting all of the nourishment they need too.

For maximum absorption, take 2 capsules twice daily with a full glass of water and a nutritious meal.

VitaFusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Product Attributes

• Comes in fun, yummy gummy form for moms-to-be that hate swallowing pills or capsules
• Includes over 240 mg of Vitamin C for overall tissue health, lactation support, and baby’s cellular development
• Also includes perfectly safe, measured doses of DHA and Folic Acid to promote brain, skin, and bone growth
• Chew 2 gummies per day, preferably with a glass of water or before a snack for maximum absorption
• Note: This vitamin DOES NOT contain Iron or Calcium. If you need the addition of those supplements, talk to your physician about all-inclusive prenatal vitamins or additional supplements.

Product Overview

Another gummy favorite, and one I have personal experience with, VitaFusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins are yummy ways for moms-to-be to get their daily doses of important minerals and nutrients. Of course, this vitamin contains the essentials, like DHA and Folic Acid, but there are also measured doses of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Vitamin B12. In other words, all the good stuff your baby needs to grow healthy and strong inside your tummy.

There is a bit of a downside with gummy vitamins though. If you suffer from diabetes, either gestational or otherwise, you should probably opt for a prenatal with less sugar. This vitamin packs a serving of 4 grams of sugar per every 2 gummies (which is the daily serving size). Consult your physician if you have any concerns about the sugar content and what you should be consuming. Every pregnancy is different.

One more thing to note: This vitamin doesn’t have any Iron in it. With gummies, it’s easier for people to overdose on nutrients because the gummies are yummy. However, you should ONLY take the recommended dosage to avoid nutrient toxicity. Again, consult your physician about Iron-rich, pregnancy-friendly supplements.

5 Key Vitamins and Supplements – Necessary Nutrition During Pregnancy

While general nutrition is important, there are 5 very important specific vitamins, minerals and supplements that rise above the rest. Here are the key ingredients to look for in a good prenatal vitamin supplement.

Name What it Does Recommended Dietary Allowance

Folic acid (also known as B9 or folate) For healthy brain and spinal cord (prevents brain, spinal and neural tube defects) 600-800 mcg (micrograms) per day

Iron Necessary for baby’s oxygen supply 27 mg (milligrams) per day

Calcium Builds strong, healthy bones 1000 mg per day

Vitamin D Helps with building healthy teeth and bones; affects mother’s blood pressure, immune system, brain function and mood 2000-4000 IUs per day

Omega 3 DHA fats Helps with brain, nerve and eye development; Helps with healthy birth weight 200-300 mg per day

More Important Vitamins to Be Aware of When Pregnant

There is more to keep in mind when you are considering prenatal nutrition – here are 4 more important vitamins to look for in a prenatal supplement, or in your daily food intake.

Name What it Does Recommended Dietary Allowance

Vitamin A (safest form is beta-carotene) Supports immune system of mother and baby; helps with repair of tissue after birth 770-1,500 mcg per day (It is important not to get too much Vitamin A during pregnancy; check with your doctor for recommendation.)

Vitamin C Provides antioxidant; natural collagen creation; helps fight infections 85 mg

Vitamin B6 Helps with morning sickness; metabolizes proteins and carbohydrates; creation of red blood cells; proper nerve function; proper immune function 30-75 mg (10-25 mg taken 3 times) per day
Vitamin B12 Proper nerve development; creation of DNA; healthy blood cells 2.6 mcg

**Note: Supplement needs differ for preganant women depending on their own bodies, nutrition habits, etc. It is recommended to consult your OBGYN or other pregnancy health professional for your specific daily supplemental needs.

Best Food Sources of the Best Prenatal Vitamins

The charts below show the best food sources for the key vitamins that provide nutrition to pregnant mothers or moms-to-be, including Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D and Omega 3 (DHA).

10 of the Best Folic Acid and Folate Foods

Recommended daily allowance: 600-800 mcg

Food Portion Approx. mcg

Beef liver 3 oz. 215 mcg

Lentils 1/2 cup 179 mcg

Pinto beans 1/2 cup 147 mcg

Spinach (cooked) 1/2 cup 131 mcg

Asparagus 1/2 cup 131 mcg

Black Eyed Peas 1/2 cup 131 mcg

Papaya 1 papaya 115 mcg

Okra (frozen – cooked) 1/2 cup 97 mcg

Fortified rice 1/2 cup 90 mcg

Enriched spaghetti 1/2 cup 83 mcg

10 of the Best Iron Foods

Recommended daily allowance: 27 mg

Food Portion Approx. mg
Shellfish (clams, oysters, mussels) 3 oz. 24 mg
Liver (chicken or beef) 3 oz. 5 mg
Beef (grass fed) 1 strip steak 4 mg
Pumpkin seeds 1 oz. 4 mg
Tofu 1/2 cup 3.5 mg
Dark chocolate (yay!) 1 oz. 3.3 mg
Spinach (cooked) 3 oz. 3 mg
Lentils 1/2 cup 3.3 mg
Sardines 1/4 cup 1.8 mg
Pistachios 1 oz. 1.1 mg
10 of the Best Calcium Foods
Recommended daily allowance: 1000 mg

Food Portion Approx. mg
Parmesan cheese 1 oz. 330 mg
Milk (raw) 1 cup 300 mg
Yogurt 6 oz. 300 mg
Kale (cooked) 1 cup 245 mg
Cheddar cheese 1 oz. 200 mg
Sardines (bone-in) 2 oz. 217 mg
White beans 1 cup 140 mg
Amaranth (cooked) 1 cup 116 mg
Okra 1 cup 82 mg
Almonds 1 oz. 76 mg
10 of the Best Vitamin D Foods
Recommended daily allowance: 2000-4000 IUs

Food Portion Approx. IU
Herring (fresh) 3 oz. 1395 IU
Herring (pickled) 3 oz. 585 IU
Salmon (wild catch) 3 oz. 450 IU
Mackerel 3 oz. 400 IU
Salmon (farmed) 3 oz. 215 IU
Cod liver oil 1 tsp. 110 IU
Sardines 3 oz. 164 IU
Tuna (canned) 3 oz. 154 IU
Milk (raw) 1 cup 98 IU
Eggs (pasture-raised) 1 large 80 IU
10 of the Best Omega 3 (DHA) Foods
Recommended daily allowance: 200-300 mg

Food Portion Approx. mg
Mackerel (Atlantic) 1 cup 6982 mg
Chia seeds 1 oz. 4915 mg
Cod liver oil 1 Tbsp. 2664 mg
Walnuts 1 oz. 2542 mg
Flaxseeds (ground) 1 Tbsp. 2000 mg
Salmon 3 oz. 1940 mg
Herring 3 oz. 1885 mg
Albacore tuna 3 oz. 1414 mg
Sardines 3.75 oz. (1 can) 1363 mg
Anchovies 3 oz. 1270 mg

Why Do Prenatal Vitamins Matter? Essential Recommendations – Video

Below is a video with recommendations from an ObGyn dietician – she discusses the importance of prenatal vitamins and gives some tips on which ones are the most important to look for in a supplement:

Final Word from the Author – My Prenatal Nutrition and Vitamins Story

Back in late spring of 2002, I noticed that late in the evening after work I was hungry. I MEAN HUNGRY! In fact, the hunger pangs were so strong that I was not willing to exert self-control, and started to submit to the cravings and eat whatever sounded good.

So, on the way home from work I would make a stop at a close fast food restaurant – usually either Taco Bell or Burger King – and appease my appetite. This became a regular thing for a couple of weeks, then one night I noticed other physical changes (other than weight gain) that made me wonder if I might be pregnant.

That day, rather than stopping at a fast food restaurant, I went to the closest Walmart and picked up a preganancy test. I took it home, did the test and within just a few seconds it showed an unmistakable positive reading(!). Omigosh, can it be true? Am I really going to have a baby? Just to be sure I got another test and did it too – same lightning-speed positive result.

All of a sudden it made sense to me why I was experiencing all of the changes – the appetite and other physical changes happening. Plus, I was having some pretty interesting dreams!

A friend of mine recently had a baby, and I knew that she had a midwife that she loved. I called her and asked her for the midwife’s contact information, called and made an appointment to see her – but the appointment was about two weeks away. During those two weeks I continued to eat ravenously (especially in the evenings, when my cravings were the strongest). The weight continued to increase, but I had some false information about pregnancy and eating – I had heard something in the past and mistakenly followed it as advice:

“When pregnant, you should eat whatever you feel like, and as much as you like, because that’s what the baby needs.”

While to some degree I agree with that – at least that the baby is trying to “tell mom something” – that he or she is hungry and needs nutrition!

Fast forward 2 weeks to my first appointment with my midwife. One of the first things that she did was have me step on a scale – to my surprise I had put on about 50 pounds! (I was looking more like a beachball than myself, and I was low on energy and did not really feel good.)

One of my midwife’s incredible specialties was nutrition – she had a test that monitored my nutrition levels compared to where they should be. The test was pretty amazing – it showed which nutrients I was deficient in, and enabled me to know what kind of changes I should make. Each appointment I had with her, we did the test and “tweaked” my nutrition and vitamin and supplement intake based on the results.

I started to change my dietary habits based on her advice, and learned a great deal about the vitamins and supplements I was taking, as well as the nutrition in the food I was eating. I did allow myself to indulge some, but realized how much I was helping my growing baby with the healthy lifestyle I had changed to.
In February of 2003, I brought my son into the world at a very healthy 7 lbs. 5 oz. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I was absolutely, positively in love. He was so healthy! And as the weeks and months flew by he began to grow and change. I was so grateful to my midwife and all of the help and guidance she gave me! Because of her advice I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

My message to you women who are carrying a little one, or who are considering becoming pregnant:
Really listen and follow the advice of the health specialist who is helping you with your pregnancy! And find out which of the above natural and organic prenatal vitamins will work best for you –it is soooo important to the health of your new child – for his or her whole lifetime.

In closing, I would like to invite you to submit your own comments, ideas, questions etc. below. I would love to hear from you!

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