10 Best Natural and Organic Skin Care Companies

best organic skincare companies

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By Lauren Forrest, RD
Bestselling nutritional author and speaker.

Fact checked by Dianna Thompson.

What are the best natural and organic skin care companies?

When it comes to skin care, I am a real stickler for choosing natural and organic products. My experience – and based on many, many other testimonials and reviews – is that “going natural and organic” is truly the right direction when cleansing, moisturizing, toning and smoothing skin.

I could go on about this for quite a while, but rather than belabor the point I will just say this: If you care for your skin for both the short-and-long-term, it is wise to use products that contain natural, organic and non-toxic skin care ingredients.

That being said, it is also important to know which products and brands to choose — not all organic and natural skin care brands are created equal. In fact, some of them also contain ingredients that could actually prove harmful – but they don’t make it terribly obvious from their labels.

Here on this page, my focus is on pointing you in the right direction to which natural and organic skin care brands are the best, as well as give a few tips on why using these products is so important, and which skin care ingredients to avoid.

10 Best Natural and Organic Skin Care Companies

Seraj All Natural and Organic

What’s to Love:

• 100% all natural and organic ingredients, vegan, eco-friendly containers, cruelty-free, high effective rating, free shipping (with minimum order) – no alcohol, parabens or “artificial anything.”
Product Line:
• All natural and organic skin creams
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Green Tea Cream

Seraj All Natural is an up-and-coming brand of skincare that – I believe – will be getting a lot more attention in the coming years. The products are not only truly all-natural and organic, they are highly effective for a number of different purposes including anti-aging, lightening scars and age spots, bags under eyes, and interestingly they also have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

These creams can be used for just about anything under the sun – most commonly used as a beauty face and under-eye cream but they have been known to also be used quite effectively for skin rashes (including eczema), cuts, bruises, etc. They even make an amazing peppermint cream (think feet) – and they carry an organic insect repellent cream as well!

I personally have used a few of the Seraj creams and – like other people who have left testimonials on their site – it is the only thing I want to use for face and body skincare in terms of moisturizing and anti-aging.

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100% Pure

What’s to Love:

• Completely plant-based ingredients, natural coloring, high standards for purity, cruelty-free
Product Line:
• Face, hand and body care, makeup, hair products
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

100% Pure is a company that has really come along in popularity over the past several years. They have a rather extensive product line, more inclusive of all kinds of cosmetics than just skincare – one of their best-sellers is mascara! (Who would have thought?!)

I am impressed by the level of care this company gives to its choices and “picky-ness” in terms of their ingredients, as well as the fact that their makeup line is pigmented with fruit rather than any kind of artificial coloring/shading.

Another factor that impresses me about this company is the sheer number of positive reviews their products have received – they seem to have a rather large “fan base” and the products are apparently quite effective.

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What’s to Love:

• Certified organic, bioavailable seaweed-based products, completely vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and ethically-sourced
Product Line:
• Various face and body skin care, relaxation and calming products, bath products
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Undaria Algae Body Oil

I love the Osea lineup of skincare. This company goes to the very hilt to choose only extremely effective plant-based ingredients that are “Powered by the Sea.”

Their products are “bioavailable” (which means having the perfect balance of ingredients to work most effectively for the skin, and if it can get to where it needs to go to produce the right effect).

If you’re searching for a full skincare line of like-branded products, this company is definitely worth a look.

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What’s to Love:

• A long history of organic farming and products, sustainable sourcing and packaging, certified natural, cruelty-free, products for babies, no parabens or synthetic preservatives
Product Line:
• Face and body care, skincare made especially for babies
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream

Weleda models itself as a company – and its products – as “food for skin.” A good example of this is its long-time best-seller, the “Skin Food Original Rich Cream.” This is known as being one of THE best products for super-dry skin and can be used for face or body.

Since the original cream was released, the “Skin Food” line has expanded, making it also a lighter version and even into an entire skincare regimen.

Today, Weleda hosts an entire lineup of face, body, baby, and personal care products.

I can personally testify to the fact that Weleda is a rather amazing product – I have used it for my baby and for myself with wonderful results.

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Juice Beauty

What’s to Love:

• USDA Organic certified, vegan, cruelty-free, no artificial dyes, paraben, and sulfate-free. Also minus other “yucky stuff.”
Product Line:
• Skincare (their main product line), makeup including makeup for eyes, lips, and cheeks
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer

While I myself have never used a product from the Juice Beauty line, I love what others (who have used it) have to say about it.

Any product that has so many “pluses” in terms of what it does and does not put into its product is pretty much OK by me.

Their stem cell skincare lineup is actually pretty fascinating. They use fruit stem cells to help the skin regenerate new cells, giving skin quite a boost in youthfulness and vitality. They do all of this without the use of animal products or testing. Yay!

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What’s to Love:

• Naturally sourced products, the balance of nature and science – scientifically researched and developed products, vegan
Product Line:
• Skincare (their most popular products), bath and body, gift sets – they also carry a complete skincare lineup for men
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

There are a few things that impress me about the Elemis company. They strongly co-utilize both nature and science, which I believe is a very smart approach to skincare. They are not only using ingredients that are naturally sourced, but they are science-forward and are very aware of the power of natural chemistry, and how to translate that chemistry into an effective skincare line.

However, when I dig into the ingredients included in their products, not all of them are actually completely natural and some I am simply not comfortable with recommending. To elaborate a bit on a “non-pro” viewpoint, I would also say that I wish they would make their prices a little bit more friendly for people to buy.

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Burt’s Bees

What’s to Love:

• They source ingredients from nature for their products, recyclable packaging, cruelty-free, products 95%+ natural origin
Product Line:
• A complete line of skincare products, numerous makeup products, hair, lip, baby, and oral care products. They also carry a fun selection of gifts for holidays and other occasions.
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Moisturizing Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees is a natural skincare and cosmetics company that rather speaks for itself these days. It has emerged from a smaller company only a limited number of people knew about – to a full-blown natural skincare company with products that people see everywhere including discount stores (Walmart, etc.), drug store chains, and even some grocery stores.

I have always liked their skincare line, and regularly use some of their shaded lip balms (which I love).
The only thing that I hold back on with Burt’s Bees is that while their ingredients are – for the most part – naturally sourced, some of their products contain ingredients that I don’t think should be in skincare like alcohol, and some other ingredients that preserve the product that are a bit difficult to understand. (I follow a policy on choosing products by labels – if I don’t know what it is, and I can’t easily find out without consulting two or more chemical definitions, I simply don’t mess with it.)

But overall, I still think that the company generally is quite careful about what they put into their products, and I still love my tinted lip balms!

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What’s to Love:

• Truly all-natural and organic, products that are gentle for little ones (baby-friendly), effective for even very dry skin
Product Line:
• Various skin and lip balms, oils, sprays, beauty skincare, bug repellents
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Badger Broad Spectrum Clear Zinc Natural Mineral Sunscreen Cream

I have a lot of respect for the Badger company – over the years they have managed to keep their skincare line pure and free of man-made chemicals and additives. Their products are truly natural and organic
This is actually a line that I have not personally used, mainly due to the fact that I have my own natural and organic favorite for my face and body skincare. But there are plenty of people that really love this line, and trust it even with babies and children.

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What’s to Love:

• All vegan products, free of sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, formaldehyde and mineral oil, organic and sustainable products
Product Line:
• Wide variety of skincare products for the whole gamut of skin types, body care products, hair care, gifts, and product sets
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

I love the fact that the Acure company so consciously directs its product of products not only to provide quality products but to protecting nature and the environment in the process.

In terms of these products’ effectiveness for skin, they concentrate on not only treating the skin with care but to also give it a certain glowing brilliance. They also provide products that are in dire need of moisture.
Acure’s rather extensive lineup of products seems to have quite the following! While there are of course here and there some negative reviews on their products (which is true for just about any skincare company since skin types and conditions vary from person to person), they have an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

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Now Solutions

What’s to Love:

• Natural ingredients that nourish the skin – NOW company additionally makes an extensive line of excellent quality vitamins and supplements – Skin products work well with just about any skin type – Touted as being the “best thing since time travel.”
Product Line:
• Full line of daily skincare (cleansing, toning, moisturizing), as well as a wide variety of other types of skincare including masks, anti-aging, skin oils, and much more.
Most Popular Skin Care Product:
• Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil

While I cannot lay claim to having tried any of the NOW skincare lineup, it is clear to me that if I didn’t already have a favorite skincare line I would definitely give this one a whirl.

It gets plenty of REALLY great reviews from verified customers, and it looks to me like my mantra, “Natural skincare is every bit as effective as its chemical counterpart” proves out here as well.

From what the very happy customers say, NOW skincare is not only just natural, it is a lower-cost alternative – compared to some other brands – and is every bit as effective for skin texture, tone, and youthfulness.

Shop Now Solutions

What Exactly is Natural and Organic Skin Care?

Natural and organic skincare is – as the simplest answer – composed of natural and organic ingredients. It is also known to be simpler in form (less processed).

However, unfortunately, the terms “natural” and “organic” can be abused when it comes to false claims, due to the fact that these products are not closely monitored by the FDA, and thus it is easier for “natural and organic” skincare companies to abuse this trust by including ingredients that are not optimum. This is misleading at best.

Fortunately, the more well-known natural/organic skincare is more honest than that – and there is also this: You can always check the ingredients label – it IS illegal to falsify that.

This is actually a pretty in-depth topic and has been well covered in this article.

Why is Natural and Organic Skin Care Better?

First let’s dispel a fairly common myth: “Chemical skincare is more advanced and effective than natural skincare.”

False. Plain and simple.

Not only is natural and organic skin care just as effective for keeping skin looking great (often better than chemical alternatives), it is also MUCH safer and healthier for skin and body in the long run. In fact – man-made-chemical alternatives often deplete the skin of its youthful moisture and texture over time – giving short but not long term results in appearance only.

Natural skin care is amazingly effective for all skin types, helping those who are younger maintain their youthful appearance, and helping those of us who are now a bit older to improve the texture and smoothness of the skin.


Who Should Use Natural and Organic Skin Care?

This is actually a very short answer – everyone! For anyone who uses skin care (which is – well, everyone) – there are always natural and organic alternatives to everything from soap to lotions to shampoos, scalp treatments and facial beauty creams and treatments.

So – even if you don’t apply anything to skin except soap and water, natural and organic is still better!
What Are the Skin Care Ingredients that are Bad for Skin?

There are a host of ingredients that should NEVER have been put into skincare products. In fact, I find it more than a little appalling that the creators of some products have even allowed – putting their pocketbooks before their customers’ well-being and health.

I always apply the rule of thumb: If the ingredient on the label is difficult to pronounce and I don’t know what it is, I don’t use it.

However, there is a resource online that many people use to find out exactly whether the ingredients in their skincare products are safe or not – it’s called Skin Deep – here is a link to that site.

Some skincare ingredients are worse than others though – the video below can clue you into some of the main chemical ingredients to avoid:

Final Notes From the Author

If you have read any or all of this article, you will probably know how strongly I feel when it comes to using only natural and organic skincare.

But here I will reiterate it. If you would like to have…
• More youthful, smoother skin
• Younger skin over time (without being harmed by chemical additives that actually deplete skin)
• The best when it comes to your skin…

…there is simply no comparison – natural and organic skincare companies make the BEST products – hands down. Give one or more of the above natural and organic skincare lines a try – you’ll be so glad you did!
Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope that this article has been of some help to you when it comes to understanding the importance of using only skincare with natural and organic ingredients.
Feel free to leave your own feedback and comments below!

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