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Top 10 Baby Vitamin D Drops

There is a good reason that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies and young children supplement their diets with Vitamin D. Both breastfed and bottle (formula) fed babies are most often found to not get enough Vitamin D through normal daily nutrition and exposure to the sun.

And – Did You Know…

It is thought by many experts (one of which I trust very much as an authority) that the main deficiency in our country at this time is — you guessed it – Vitamin D.

Why is Vitamin D So Important for Babies?

The main issue with a lack of Vitamin D is has to do with bones – since it helps the body to assimilate calcium, it is absolutely crucial to have enough, especially in the early stages of life in order to build healthy, strong bones and a strong immune system.

If a deficiency in Vitamin D continues over an extended period of time (years), additional, longer-term problems can result – diseases such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, immune system disorders and cardiovascular problems (in adults) have been linked to Vitamin D deficiencies.

What’s here: On this page you will find a list of the ten best Vitamin D drops for babies (all contain the recommended amount of 400 IU per dose). The list is ordered from #1 to #10 and includes various types and brands. It is ranked according to which drops parents are buying (and raving about) the most rather than hinging on my own personal preference or opinion.

Ten Best Vitamin D Drops for Babies

Without further adieu, personal preferences set aside, here is the list of the top ten baby Vitamin D drops (ranked according to overall popularity and consumer ratings)…

1. Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Vitamin D Supplement

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Product Attributes

  • Specially made for breast-fed babies
  • Gently formulated especially for babies
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Helps infants and toddlers with calcium absorption, for healthier bones and teeth
  • Ingredients are gluten-free

Product Overview

This is actually a new addition to this list of top baby Vitamin D drops.  

I love the Zarbee’s brand, and they seem to (deservingly) be gathering popular momentum over time.  They create other children’s vitamins as well, some of which I also recommend right here in this site.

Zarbee’s Vitamin D drops are made with gentle and natural ingredients, and the dosage – as is not the case with other drops – is just the right amount to make it easily dispensed to breastfeeding infants.

Great for toddlers too.

2. Baby Ddrops Liquid Vitamin D Drops

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Product Attributes

  • Only one drop needed per day for full 400 IU dosage
  • Specifically made for breastfed babies, but also works for formula-fed babies
  • No taste – easy to give to baby
  • Chemical and additive free – nothing artificial here!
  • 2 simple ingredients: Vitamin D and coconut oil

Product Overview

Baby Ddrops are far and away the most popular among even the top Vitamin D Drops available for babies today.

I love the fact that this product is so simple – two ingredients that are healthy, so mom and dad know that their little one is not getting anything artificial, added sugar or anything potentially harmful.

The fact that coconut oil is used for this supplement also sets the mind at ease – there is no arguing that coconut oil is healthy to take even on its own, and makes this supplement just that much better.

And so easy! No more worrying about the “yucky” flavor of medicine. There is no flavor, so even putting a drop on your finger, a pacifier, etc. is enough for the daily dose.

3. California Gold Nutrition Baby D-3 Vitamin Drops

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Product Attributes

  • 2 Simple and natural ingredients (Vitamin D and coconut oil)
  • Simple to dose for baby – just add one drop to juice or formula
  • Nothing artificial or other additives
  • No gluten, soy and non-GMO
  • 100% guaranteed

Product Overview

Very much like the first choice on this list, California Gold baby Vitamin D drops are an ideal choice. Simple ingredients make it easy to give to baby (no artificial flavors or “yuckiness” in taste).

Much of what makes this product so good is not just what is in it, it’s what’s NOT!

If your baby is breastfeeding, you can simply add a drop to the skin where baby will be nursing, or you can add it to juice or other drink if your baby is partially on other drinks or formula, just add it to his or her beverage.

This product is extremely cost-effective also. It is an iHerb “exclusive” vitamin – the price is right, and it is supposed to last a long time.

4. UpSpring Baby Vitamin D Drops

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Product Attributes

  • Easy to use dropper; easy to dose
  • The only 2 ingredients are all-natural Vitamin D and coconut oil
  • Nothing artificial added (including flavoring)
  • Since there is no flavor, it is easy to give to baby without spit-up
  • Recommended by pediatricians

Product Overview

This is another great choice (that I personally would buy) in baby Vitamin D supplements. There is nothing artificial added, and no flavoring makes it super-easy to give to baby either plain or added to any beverage.

Ideal for either breast-fed or formula-fed infants.

One more thing to love about this product – unlike some of the other drops, if it spills at all it will not stain.

On the dosage: The dosage on this Vitamin D product is slightly different – it is .2 mL, and it is easy to do with the dropper clearly marked on the side for exactly the right amount.

(As a note, if you have been looking for a Vitamin D product with the brand name “Wellbaby,” this is it. The brand name has changed but the contents are the same.)

5. ChildLife Organic Vitamin D3 Drops

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Product Attributes

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • No artificial additives
  • Berry taste
  • No gluten, alcohol and GMO-free

Product Overview

Right off the bat, I can tell you my favorite thing about this product – it has the word “organic” in it. (I love that word!)

Like two of the previous choices on this list, one dose is simply one drop. However, be aware that the ingredients are slightly different – rather than using coconut oil, this product uses organic olive oil as a mixer for the Vitamin D. (I personally prefer coconut oil over olive oil.)

Personal note on this product: From studying up on the Childlife drops, I have found a couple of things that I want to mention (and why it might not be as good of a choice as #’s 1, 2 and 3 on the list) – the word “natural” is not clarified. In other words, what actually is in the “natural” flavoring? Also, since it does not say “100% organic” it might not be – considering the flavoring issue. Something to keep in mind.

One more thing – in the reviews I see a number of complaints about the dropper, and that getting exactly one drop is not the easiest thing to do. (Hopefully this company changes this to make it easier on moms and dads!)

But the real test would be – how good is it? If you try it and your baby loves it and you find it easy to use then, great! It still is far and above other baby vitamins with so much artificial stuff added!

6. GreenPeach Infants & Kids Liquid Vitamin D3 Drops

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Product Attributes

  • 2 Natural ingredients – Vitamin D and coconut oil
  • No added preservatives, flavorings, sugar or coloring
  • Free from other potential harmful additives such as gluten, milk, soy, starch
  • Daily dose is 4 drops (for 400 IU)

Product Overview

Here is another good product to consider for baby Vitamin D drops, and it is one that I personally might give a try.

Like other products on this list, it is free from flavoring (artificial or otherwise), which makes it super-easy to give to baby. If breastfeeding, you can put it on your breast, you can also put it on a finger or pacifier. Or – if your baby is drinking other beverages, you can simply add it to their drinks and the taste is un-detectable.

The price on this product is somewhat lower (at this writing) than others on this list, which might make it a bit easier to buy – but the price difference is only a few dollars.

One more note – since the dose is 4 drops (as opposed to 1), it might be a bit more difficult to administer to a baby than the others.

7. Carlson Baby’s Super Daily D3 Vitamin Drops

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Product Attributes

  • Single drop has 400 IU (recommended daily dose)
  • No flavoring and no aftertaste
  • 365 doses (lasts a year)
  • Simple ingredients – Vitamin D, coconut oil and palm oil

Product Overview

One of the better-known brands of Vitamin D drops for babies, Carlson is found quite often in many stores and you might even recognize it.

It has no added flavoring and no aftertaste, which makes it easier to administer to baby – simply put it on your finger for baby to suck on or add to breast while breastfeeding. Another option is to add it to a beverage (or formula) if baby is drinking other liquids.

On dosage – To get just one single drop, it is recommended to hold the bottle upside-down for approximately ten seconds, allow a drop for form then drop.

8. Enfamil D-Vi-Sol Vitamin D Supplement Drops

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Product Attributes

  • Comes with a dropper that makes it easy to use
  • From the leading brand of infant vitamins
  • 1 mL per dose (400 IU)
  • Designed for breast-fed infants

Product Overview

Enfamil is a well-known brand – you see it in the stores pretty much wherever you go. It is also trusted and recommended quite often by MDs (pediatricians).

One single dose – unlike the others on this list – is a bit more, at 1 mL (much more than one drop).

Personal notes: I personally would not opt for this brand of Vitamin D for babies. It is – per the reviews (and the bottom video on this page) – not exactly what I would call, “yummy.” In fact, it has a pretty bad taste to it, which will likely make it more difficult to administer to little ones.

And given the fact that the dosage is more than other brands, it makes it just that much tougher – and when there are other options that babies and toddlers don’t mind (and are just as healthy), I am not convinced that this item on the list is actually the best choice.

On the other hand, pediatricians do quite often recommend this one, so if that is a selling point for you, it might be a good choice.

9. Mommy’s Bliss Vitamin D Organic Drops

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Product Attributes

  • Single drop dosage
  • Organic
  • 90 day supply in one bottle
  • No artificial added ingredients (including flavoring), and no gluten, dairy or soy
  • Refrigeration not needed

Product Overview

Another product with simple ingredients (something to love!) – only Vitamin D and sunflower oil. The directions are simple as well – just turn the bottle upside down 2-3 times and wait for a drop to form. Once it drops, turn the bottle back right-side up.

It can be administered through any liquid that baby drinks, or added to breast while breastfeeding.

Created for newborns, and is recommended for babies from 0-6 months.

I love the fact that this product is organic, and it is known to have a taste that babies don’t object to, so you probably won’t need to deal with spitups, etc.

10. Nordic Naturals Baby’s Vitamin D3 Drops

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Product Attributes

  • From the American Pregnancy Association, this is the official Vitamin D for babies
  • One dose = one drop (400 IU)
  • Purity tested by a third party
  • Includes dropper for easy dosage
  • Approximately one year’s worth of Vitamin D per bottle

Product Overview

These drops are a form of Vitamin D that is most natural (D3), and apparently assimilates better and is more effective than other forms.

It comes with a handy dropper (some of the others don’t) which makes it much easier to administer to a baby.

Administration note: It is recommended to not directly put this into a baby’s mouth – you should add it to skin for the baby to suck on, or add it to a beverage or formula.

The only ingredients are the Vitamin D itself and organic extra virgin olive oil, so you know that you are not giving your baby something “yucky” or artificial.

Personal note: Rather ironically, while this is the last item on this list (due to the fact that it is not one of the “hottest sellers,”) it is nevertheless one of the better ones to pick, and is one that I personally would buy for my own child.

How Can I Tell if My Baby is Vitamin D Deficient?

Some of the signs that a baby could be Vitamin D deficient include:

* Difficulty and/or slowness with normal physical development – As babies grow, they should naturally start making strides toward sitting up on their own, crawling (and holding themselves up), and in general becoming stronger and more agile. If you notice that your baby is not achieving these steps normally, it is a good idea to look into the possibility of a deficiency in Vitamin D.

* Soft skull – While still “in mama,” the skull is supposed to grow and be soft when born – this helps the baby to move through the birth canal without injury, also making it quite a bit easier on the mother during birth. After birth, however, is a different story. The skull should strengthen over a period of about 19 months until it is completely formed and solid. If you notice that your baby’s skull is not forming properly, this could definitely indicate a deficiency in Vitamin D.

* Muscle and/or bone pain – If it appears that your baby is fussy and complaining quite a bit while tring to crawl, sit up, etc., it could be that he or she is actually experiencing pain. If this is in fact the case, this is another symptom with infants of Vitamin D deficiency. If it seems as though your little one is too fussy and too often, while there certainly could be other causes of this, it is a wise idea for you to check with your doctor about possible deficiencies.

Below is a video from Dr. Axe (my favorite natural nutrition guy!) – here he goes over the various signs of Vitamin D deficiency.

As a note: He is specifically talking about deficiency with adults. However, just to really drive home the point of long-term health for your child (and yourself), these points are quite important to keep in mind.


What About Vitamin D for Toddlers, Kids, Teens and Adults?

While Vitamin D is probably a bit more important for babies and toddlers (since early years are critical for proper physical growth and structure), anyone should have the correct daily dosage of Vitamin D.

I have found various recommended doses for different age groups, but what I have found as the most reliable and authoritative information can be found in the chart below.

(Keep in mind when you look over the chart, that if someone gets little or no exposure to the sun – including regular sunscreen use – it is possible more Vitamin D than the minimum daily dosage might be needed.)


Vitamin D Dosage by Age Chart

Age GroupDaily DosageMaximum Safe Dosage
Infants 0-6 months400 IU1000 IU
Infants 6-12 months400 IU1500 IU
Babies 1-3 years600 IU2500 IU
Children 4-8 years600 IU3000 IU
Age 9-70600 IU4000 IU
Age 71 and up800 IU4000 IU


What’s the Best Source of Vitamin D?

Woman wearing hat sitting on ground getting some sunshineSunshine is the very best way to get Vitamin D. Many of us get scared off from any direct exposure to the sun, when in fact it is unhealthy to completely block oneself from it. It is actually recommended to get about 10 to 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day (without sunscreen) for people who are fair to medium-toned.

There is something else to know on this – the fairer one’s skin, the more Vitamin D their body will produce. And visa versa – so for dark-skinned people, it is actually recommended to take in more direct sunshine each day (some experts say about 40 minutes or so).

A note on this – if you have particular parts of the body that you are concerned about in terms of getting direct sun exposure, you could add sunscreen to parts of the body while still allowing the rest of your skin to take in the sunlight. A general rule of thumb is, though, the more skin that is exposed the more Vitamin D will be produced.

Final Word from the Author on Vitamin D Supplements for Babies

Toddler lying with his baby brotherI have noticed a fairly recent trend in people learning more and more about how important Vitamin D actually is in our daily lives. Given the number of health issues (many!) that have been linked to Vitamin D deficiencies, it is quite important to get an adequate daily amount – especially early in life when the body is working so hard to grow and change.

Having enough Vitamin D as an infant can truly help to set the stage for a healthy child and as an adult later on.

Even if you believe that your child (or you) are getting enough Vitamin D naturally (through sunlight and food sources), it is nevertheless quite important to keep a Vitamin D supplement to hand – the list above of the best Vitamin D supplements for babies can be quite helpful to babies and their moms and dads too.


What are Your Thoughts About Vitamin D Supplements for Babies?

I want to hear from you!  If you have experience, additional information or any questions on babies and Vitamin D, please leave me a comment below!

Whats the Best Vitamin D for Infants?  Get the list of the top 10 best Vitamin D drops for babies @ The Vitamin Gal

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